Luke Buchanan: Volunteering Helps Communities

Luke Buchanan is an experienced volunteer who knows how valuable local outreach efforts can be. With experience working for Habitat for Humanity, and the Spanish Education Development Center, Luke Buchanan has seen firsthand how the simple act of volunteering can have a huge impact on struggling and disadvantaged populations. He also knows how the strength and health of a community depends on the sacrifice of everyday people; people who make a serious investment of time and/or money in order to make their communities better places to live.

Luke Buchanan understands that it isn’t always easy to find the time for volunteering. People are often consumed in a myriad of problems and concerns that require a great deal of focus and attention. Luke Buchanan knows that people have often have economic and familial problems of their own, and that often times a busy professional lifestyle can seem overwhelming and highly-distracting. He also knows, however, that volunteering for a nonprofit outreach effort can be a highly rewarding experience, and that by taking a chance on something outside of your comfort zone, you may, in fact, be providing your company with indispensable support.

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan suggests that everyone, even busy professionals, make a concerted effort to get more involved in their communities. Even an hour every week, he says, can make a huge difference in somebody’s day. Every community, says Luke Buchanan, offers programs that encourage involvement. Committing your time to a local park clean-up effort, to serving meals at the local soup kitchen or to local educational or athletic support programs can have innumerable benefits for you and the people you are helping.

Luke Buchanan is a busy professional who continues to find the time for his community. He knows how impactful, positive and life-altering a volunteering experience can be for a community.

Luke Buchanan: Principled Professional

As a Washington D.C.-based real estate professional, Luke Buchanan understands the values of honesty, integrity and ethical business practices. He holds dear to these values because he believes in personal accountability and responsibility. Luke Buchanan also understands that a principled business values are at the core of any professional’s success.

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan relies on the development of relationships built on mutual trust. To establish trust with a colleague or client, one must be committed to maintaining an open and honest relationship. Luke Buchanan works hard to ensure that every client and colleague has all the information and data that are at his disposal. By refusing to hide anything from his clients and his colleagues, Luke Buchanan establishes a strong sense of trust; one that a valuable and long-time business relationship can be firmly built on.

Luke Buchanan has achieved success as a real estate agent because he is committed to ethical business practices. The real estate industry recognizes his commitment to honesty and to professionalism. He is trusted by the top ranked real estate firm in Washington D.C because he continually exhibits the ability to build lasting professional relationships.

Luke Buchanan received his education at Tulane University, where he was able to build a strong and successful academic career. The lessons learned at Tulane provided him with strong business acumen and an indispensable sense of business ethics. Luke Buchanan values his time at Tulane because it gave him the strong educational foundation on which to begin a successful and lasting career in real estate.

Luke Buchanan looks forward to making strides in the professional real estate industry. As a Marketing and Operations Manager for one of the most well-known real estate firms in Washington D.C., Luke Buchanan hopes to establish himself as one of the most trusted and respected names in professional real estate.

Luke Buchanan: The Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is a great way to stay connected to other professionals, as well as to maintaining a positive presence in the online community. Luke Buchanan, who has recently entered the blogosphere, is quickly gaining a real appreciation for world of professional blogging, and he shares several thoughts on how blogging can benefit any professional, regardless of age or background.

Blogging is, first and foremost, and great way to grow your business, says Luke Buchanan. By attaching your name and your company to a professional blog, you have the ability to boost your online presence, making yourself and your brand more visible and accessible to a broad array of potential clients. Luke Buchanan, who recently entered the blogosphere with the inception of, has used his blog to not only display his interest and expertise in professional real estate, but also to reach out to people looking for luxury homes within the Washington D.C. community. He has been able to provide his firm with an extra element of online visibility, and has further established himself as a qualified professional within the real estate community.

Luke Buchanan also recognizes the immense networking potential of blogging. If maintained properly, a blog can work to supplement other online networking tools, such as social media sites. Blogging helps professionals like Luke Buchanan to link up with other like-minded industry experts, and can allow these professionals a forum in which to share insider tips and tools of the trade.

Blogging is also cathartic, an avenue of expression that allows people to share their interests in a safe and positive forum. Luke Buchanan understands that a well-maintained blog can provide a busy professional a much-needed creative outlet; a forum in which a person can be candid about their interests, hopes and opinions. Luke Buchanan uses his blog to share his thoughts on a variety of topics, including politics, photography, sports, the news and pet adoptions.

Luke Buchanan: Making a Difference in His Community

Luke Buchanan is a successful real estate agent and proud member of the Washington D.C. community. His success as a professional has provided him the opportunity to build on what is already an impressive volunteering resume. Luke Buchanan has participated in numerous volunteering efforts that span across the entire course of his college and professional career.

Luke Buchanan began his foray into volunteering as a high school student in the Washington D.C. area. He initially volunteered his time with the Spanish Education Development Center, which focuses on providing quality, affordable daycare to underprivileged families. The organization also works to provide disadvantaged children a strong educational foundation. Luke Buchanan believes in the center’s efforts to create a strong support system for impoverished populations.

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan

As a student at Tulane University, Luke Buchanan worked with a movement aimed at creating a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations. As a part of, Luke Buchanan worked to increase awareness of carbon emissions. The organization’s primary goal is to ultimately reduce the planet’s total atmospheric carbon count to just 350 parts per million. Luke Buchanan believes in the group’s effort to clean up the air and make atmosphere more sustainable for human life.

Luke Buchanan was also a valued volunteer in the Habitat for Humanity effort to rebuild devastated neighborhoods after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. He put in many hours to the organization’s effort to build affordable and accessible housing to those displaced by the Hurricane and its aftermath. Luke Buchanan enjoyed his experience with Habitat for Humanity, which may have sparked his interest in the professional real estate field.

Currently a professional in Washington D.C., Luke Buchanan devotes much of his time to, which seeks to put abused and neglected animals into quality homes. He volunteers his time to as a volunteer photographer. He believes that organization provides a valuable service, and he hopes his efforts help PetFinder achieve its primary goals.