Luke Buchanan Starts Blog

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan

People have a number of ways to express themselves. Some people wear shirts that reflect organizations they support, other people decorate their cars with bumper stickers and others turn to the internet. As a tool, the internet can be a wonderful tool of self expression. You can also learn a lot from the internet.

Luke Buchanan is a young professional and aspiring real estate salesman in Washington, D.C. In his professional work, he helps families through the process of buying or selling a home. He strictly works with residential real estate. Luke Buchanan is professionally motivated to do well in his career but turns to sources like social media and now blogging to communicate and relate with others.

Luke Buchanan just recently started his own blog  Luke Buchanan started the blog in June of 2013 and has found it a wonderful way to reflect on social and political issues as well as post his photography to the public eye. In only three months time, Luke Buchanan has written numerous articles on a variety of topics. His blog reflects everything from politics, sports, and pet adoptions.

Hook Luke Buchanan

Hook Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan’s blog is located at and even offers an “about me” section where people can read about him personally and professionally. Luke Buchanan informs readers about his real estate work in Washington, D.C. and his work as a volunteer photographer. Luke Buchanan photographs pet adoption events for and political events for Luke Buchanan also enjoys sports; in warm weather he bikes and runs and in the winters he enjoys skiing.

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan in SF

When he isn’t blogging and volunteering, Luke Buchanan is working and enjoying his new position as Marketing and Operations Manager at luxury real estate firm in Washington D.C. Luke Buchanan feels that his new job is great opportunity to network with some of the best real estate agents in the area and hopes to continue to build strong relationships with them.  As he adjusts to his new job, he is grateful for the time others spend helping him understand the business. He accepts all tips and helpful insights to perform his duties well.


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