Luke Buchanan Enjoys Several Hobbies

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan in Park City

Enjoying hobbies is good for both the mind and the body. Hobbies can relieve stress and keep a person busy. There are several activities Luke Buchanan enjoys performing regularly and sports and blogging tend to rank highest on his list of favorite things to do. When it comes to sports, Luke Buchanan prefers the ones that engage him physically and push the limits of his physical endurance and speed.

Luke Buchanan is quickly able to list his three favorite sports. He likes to run, play tennis, and ski. All enable him to push his physical limits and give him a cardio workout. Luke Buchanan enjoyed being active as a child and continues to enjoy sports for the physical and mental benefits the sports provide him. Fortunately, because he enjoys a variety of sports, he is able to do something all year long.

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan Skiing

Photography is another hobby Luke Buchanan enjoys and he has a great eye for it. Because his skills are so advanced, Luke Buchanan has become a volunteer photographer for and  His favorite topic to photograph is pet adoption events in the D.C. area.  “My goal is to update their pictures for petfinder so that they can put their best paw foreword in their struggle to get adopted,” says Luke Buchanan.  He also syndicates their petfinder pages through his blog in hopes of driving more traffic to their pages.

As a volunteer, he takes photographs for different pet adoption events and political events.  On the Hill, Luke Buchanan covers anything pertaining to the Hispanic population in America.  “It is very interesting.  Recently it has mostly been about the Immigration Reform Bill.  I even got the chance to sit in on Department of Homeland Security Senator Janet Napolitano’s five-day testimony on immigration reform,” says Luke Buchanan.

Luke Buchanan

Janet Napolitano


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