The Athletic and Informed Aspiring Professional Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan

Education and sports have long been a part of Luke Buchanan’s life. When he left for university, he brought with him a passion for sports. When he was not busy with school or other responsibilities, Luke Buchanan was skiing, biking, or running. When he began university, Luke Buchanan continued to engage in physical recreation.

Luke Buchanan attended Tulane University in New Orleans. He double majored in environmental studies and communications. As an athletically inclined individual, playing sports helped to keep stress at bay. Luke Buchanan played Men’s Club Lacrosse and met people as passionate about sports has he himself was.

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan

Apart from sports, Luke Buchanan also likes to stay informed about social and political issues. Just recently, he started a personal blog. Found at, the blog contains a number of articles written by Luke Buchanan. He writes about anything he finds important or shocking. His articles range in news of environment, celebrities, politics, and crime.

Luke Buchanan now works to develop his career as a real estate salesman. He received his real estate license in April of 2013 and hopes after a year of experience he will have a much greater understanding of his work. Like any young professional, Luke Buchanan knows he will not be an overnight miracle but with experience, knows he will learn the tricks of the trade.

LukeBuchanan.Xmas.GoToLuke Buchanan is eager to prove himself as a skilled salesman and employee. He also is a regular volunteer. For now, Luke Buchanan’s work as a volunteer is completed through photography. He photographs scenes from adoption events for the website In the past, he has volunteered for post-Katrina Habitat for Humanity and throughout high school for the Spanish Education Development Center. More recently, he worked as a field organizer for the successful 2012 President Obama reelection campaign.


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