Real Estate Salesman and Active Sports Player Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan is an aspiring young professional in Washington, D.C. In the late summer of 2013, he obtained his official D.C. Real Estate Salesperson License for six months. He first received his license in April of 2013. Luke Buchanan enjoys working in real estate. It is a change from his first position in California where he worked for a marketing company.

With less than a year with the company, Luke Buchanan acknowledges he has a lot to still learn about the industry and his field of work. Even after passing all the required tests and hours of learning required for his licensure, Luke Buchanan knows most of his knowledge will come from years of experience.

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan

Outside of working as a real estate salesman, Luke Buchanan plays sports. He is a fan of active sports. He challenges his endurance, strength, and speed by skiing, biking, and running. Luke Buchanan believes sports are important not only for physical fitness but to stay mentally active as well. He sets goals for himself and started golfing and swimming for the first time this summer.   V He enjoys being athletic and has been active all through his childhood and early adulthood.

Luke Buchanan uses more than sports to challenge his mind. Just recently, Luke Buchanan took up blogging. His blog at features a wide range of articles and news he finds relevant and important. Luke Buchanan knew when he began blogging not everyone would take an interest in what he feels to be important, but the blog allows Luke Buchanan to get the word out about certain issues as well as put forth his personal views.

Luke Buchanan.climbingLuke Buchanan is professional eager to start a long and successful career. Working in Washington D.C., Luke Buchanan hopes his career will flourish. In the meantime, Luke Buchanan will focus on his career and continue to enjoy the sports that keep him active and healthy.


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