Packing for Your First Camping Trips – Tips from Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan Mt. Washington.GoToLuke Buchanan is an avid camper and outdoorsman who has hiked many mountains and spent dozens of nights asleep under the stars. To really enjoy a camping trip, however, it is imperative that you pack the right tools. A camping trip can require a lot of equipment, but Luke Buchanan offers his expertise in this guide to packing for your first camping trip.

There are a number of absolute basics that you will need for your first camping trip, explains Luke Buchanan. In many cases, it can be wise to borrow some of these supplies from friends who also camp before you make the big investment. You’ll need a tent, extra stakes, a ground cloth, and a hammer to set up the basics of your sleeping space. Follow that up with a sleeping bag and likely also a sleeping pad or air mattress, says Luke Buchanan. Some people are fine sleeping straight on the ground in their sleeping bags, observes Luke Buchanan, but most prefer some cushion, even in the great outdoors.

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan

Once you have the basics for shelter down, make sure your first aid kit is in order. This is probably the most important thing you will pack, according to Luke Buchanan. This kit should include several types of bandages, including roll bandages, tape, antiseptic wipes, a bee sting kit, splinting materials, and ace bandages. Hopefully you won’t need any of these things, says Luke Buchanan, but it’s important to camp safely.

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan

The third critical category when packing for your camping trip is the cooking supplies, says Luke Buchanan. Make sure you have enough water packed for both drinking and cooking. You should also have a small pot, a fire starter, and non-perishable food items that don’t need much preparation. Be certain to include a can opener, says Luke Buchanan, as people often find themselves staring at a closed can.


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