Luke Buchanan’s Favorite Ski Trails

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan has enjoyed skiing for many years and has skied on a wide variety of trails around the United States. Skiing is one of Luke Buchanan’s favorite sports, and like any avid skier, he has his favorite trails. Here Luke Buchanan offers up some of his favorite ski trails.

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan

Snowbird, Utah: Great for skiers and snowboarders alike, Luke Buchanan highly recommends this great ski resort just outside of Salt Lake City. Snowbird’s trails are beautiful and the snow is bountiful – the area gets 600 inches of snow each year. Snowbird also borders another resort, Alta, which is also worth a visit by skiers. Luke Buchanan suggests Snowbird for experienced skiers who don’t mind a few crowds – Snowbird’s reputation precedes it and the lift lines can get long.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming: Jackson Hole’s reputation precedes it as a top skiing spot, but Luke Buchanan favors it for one particular ski run: the terrifying Corbet’s Couloir. Luke Buchanan describes this run as one of the scariest skiing locales in the United States, offering up a start that is a virtual straight drop over a cliff. Only the most experienced should attempt this run.

Black Hole, Vermont: Black Hole, located in Smuggler’s Notch, is one of Luke Buchanan’s favorite ski runs when he is looking for a challenge. This course is heavily spotted with trees, and navigating around them is a task only suited to those confident they won’t crash. While not as hard as Corbet’s Couloir, Luke Buchanan recommends this hill only to those with a few years on skis behind them.LukeBuchanan.Xmas.GoTo

Brighton and Solitude, Utah: Neighboring Snowbird, Luke Buchanan often drops by Brighton and Solitude when the lines at Snowbird grow wearying. Brighton and Solitude get the same fantastic snowfalls, but the slopes are less intense. Luke Buchanan recommends this resort for skiers of all levels, making it a perfect family vacation spot.



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