Luke Buchanan on the Merits of Blogging

As Luke Buchanan can tell you, an internet presence is absolutely vital for professional and personal success. An easily searched business profile can inform people of what it is that you do, as well as bring you plenty of new business. On the opposite side, keeping in touch with classmates, friends, and family is absolutely simple when you have one place to update with important news.

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan has his own blog where he posts about politics, current events, and even what his favorite sports teams are up to. Everyone he knows, and even people he does not know, can easily locate his blog online and learn all about his interests and what he has been up to. Sending out letters or emails to each person can be time consuming, so blogging is a great way to post everything you want to say all at once where all your contacts can look at it at their leisure. But, Luke Buchanan does not just use his blog for amusement.

Clients and potential clients can even find out what type of person Luke Buchanan is, as well as the types of houses he lists. One of Luke Buchanan’s favorite things is to keep up with happy customers once they have moved into their new Washington DC home. A blog is also a great way for people to get an idea of what type of businessman Luke Buchanan is and whether they want to work with him as they look at houses. Luke Buchanan’s blog can be read at


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