Luke Buchanan: How Being in a Fraternity Changed His Life

To Luke Buchanan, family is about a sense of community and brotherhood. It is not just the people that you are related to, it is about putting together a group of people in your life that you know you can always count on and can always count on you. It is about being a part of something bigger than yourself. So when he joined the Tau Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and became the pledge class president, Luke Buchanan knew that he was going to get a lot out of the experience.

Joining Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Tulane University was a turning point for Luke Buchanan. He found lifelong friends and brothers through the group and still stays in contact with them to this day through his blog at and through his other social media profiles as well. Having such a close knit group of friends can really help lessen the stress of college.

LukeBuchanan in Washington

LukeBuchanan in Washington

The fraternity also gave Luke Buchanan a support group of like-minded individuals to confide in throughout school and a vast network of connections outside of school. Luke Buchanan joined the Sigma Alpha Epsilon alumni association in 2011 along with the Tulane alumni association.

Thanks to his time with the fraternity, Luke Buchanan has been given a number of opportunities to network with his fellow alums and make professional, as well as personal, connections that never would have occurred otherwise. Luke Buchanan attributes his success to his time at Tulane University and the time he spent in Sigma Alpha Epsilon.


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