Luke Buchanan: Blogging

In June of 2013, Luke Buchanan joined the burgeoning ranks of bloggers by creating “Blogs are useful,” the young real estate professional says.” You can reference things you see happening socially and give your own opinions and insight into what is happening.”

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan

For a lot of people, that is one of the main attractions to keeping a personal blog. Luke Buchanan’s blog contains articles that he categorizes. “I categorize articles by news, pet adoptions, photos, politics, and Washington Sports,” describes Luke Buchanan. Needless to say, these are all subjects that are close to Luke Buchanan’s heart. As his blog grows, he says he may add more detailed categories to file things under.

“Even hardworking professionals have hobbies,” says Luke Buchanan. “Blogging is only one of the things I enjoy. People don’t seem to realize how active I really am.” When he is not updating his blog or working, Luke Buchanan can be found playing recreational sports. The sports Luke Buchanan likes best are running, tennis, and skiing.

When he was an undergrad student at Tulane University in New Orleans, Luke Buchanan worked hard as a double major. “I was interested in two areas of study and not wanting to pick between one or the other, decided to major in both knowing it meant an increased workload for myself,” says Luke Buchanan. His two areas of study were in environmental studies and communication. These are subjects that find their way into Luke Buchanan’s blog. “There are many industries in which a communications degree is useful, and I know it has helped start my career in real estate,” he says.

Luke Buchanan’s blog is only one of the ways he spends his time outside work. Professionally, Luke Buchanan is the Marketing and Operations Manager at Washington Fine Properties. As 2014 got underway, Luke Buchanan had his real estate license for nearly a year.


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