Luke Buchanan: Making a Difference in His Community

Luke Buchanan is a successful real estate agent and proud member of the Washington D.C. community. His success as a professional has provided him the opportunity to build on what is already an impressive volunteering resume. Luke Buchanan has participated in numerous volunteering efforts that span across the entire course of his college and professional career.

Luke Buchanan began his foray into volunteering as a high school student in the Washington D.C. area. He initially volunteered his time with the Spanish Education Development Center, which focuses on providing quality, affordable daycare to underprivileged families. The organization also works to provide disadvantaged children a strong educational foundation. Luke Buchanan believes in the center’s efforts to create a strong support system for impoverished populations.

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan

As a student at Tulane University, Luke Buchanan worked with a movement aimed at creating a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations. As a part of, Luke Buchanan worked to increase awareness of carbon emissions. The organization’s primary goal is to ultimately reduce the planet’s total atmospheric carbon count to just 350 parts per million. Luke Buchanan believes in the group’s effort to clean up the air and make atmosphere more sustainable for human life.

Luke Buchanan was also a valued volunteer in the Habitat for Humanity effort to rebuild devastated neighborhoods after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. He put in many hours to the organization’s effort to build affordable and accessible housing to those displaced by the Hurricane and its aftermath. Luke Buchanan enjoyed his experience with Habitat for Humanity, which may have sparked his interest in the professional real estate field.

Currently a professional in Washington D.C., Luke Buchanan devotes much of his time to, which seeks to put abused and neglected animals into quality homes. He volunteers his time to as a volunteer photographer. He believes that organization provides a valuable service, and he hopes his efforts help PetFinder achieve its primary goals.


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