Luke Buchanan: The Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is a great way to stay connected to other professionals, as well as to maintaining a positive presence in the online community. Luke Buchanan, who has recently entered the blogosphere, is quickly gaining a real appreciation for world of professional blogging, and he shares several thoughts on how blogging can benefit any professional, regardless of age or background.

Blogging is, first and foremost, and great way to grow your business, says Luke Buchanan. By attaching your name and your company to a professional blog, you have the ability to boost your online presence, making yourself and your brand more visible and accessible to a broad array of potential clients. Luke Buchanan, who recently entered the blogosphere with the inception of, has used his blog to not only display his interest and expertise in professional real estate, but also to reach out to people looking for luxury homes within the Washington D.C. community. He has been able to provide his firm with an extra element of online visibility, and has further established himself as a qualified professional within the real estate community.

Luke Buchanan also recognizes the immense networking potential of blogging. If maintained properly, a blog can work to supplement other online networking tools, such as social media sites. Blogging helps professionals like Luke Buchanan to link up with other like-minded industry experts, and can allow these professionals a forum in which to share insider tips and tools of the trade.

Blogging is also cathartic, an avenue of expression that allows people to share their interests in a safe and positive forum. Luke Buchanan understands that a well-maintained blog can provide a busy professional a much-needed creative outlet; a forum in which a person can be candid about their interests, hopes and opinions. Luke Buchanan uses his blog to share his thoughts on a variety of topics, including politics, photography, sports, the news and pet adoptions.


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