Luke Buchanan: Principled Professional

As a Washington D.C.-based real estate professional, Luke Buchanan understands the values of honesty, integrity and ethical business practices. He holds dear to these values because he believes in personal accountability and responsibility. Luke Buchanan also understands that a principled business values are at the core of any professional’s success.

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan relies on the development of relationships built on mutual trust. To establish trust with a colleague or client, one must be committed to maintaining an open and honest relationship. Luke Buchanan works hard to ensure that every client and colleague has all the information and data that are at his disposal. By refusing to hide anything from his clients and his colleagues, Luke Buchanan establishes a strong sense of trust; one that a valuable and long-time business relationship can be firmly built on.

Luke Buchanan has achieved success as a real estate agent because he is committed to ethical business practices. The real estate industry recognizes his commitment to honesty and to professionalism. He is trusted by the top ranked real estate firm in Washington D.C because he continually exhibits the ability to build lasting professional relationships.

Luke Buchanan received his education at Tulane University, where he was able to build a strong and successful academic career. The lessons learned at Tulane provided him with strong business acumen and an indispensable sense of business ethics. Luke Buchanan values his time at Tulane because it gave him the strong educational foundation on which to begin a successful and lasting career in real estate.

Luke Buchanan looks forward to making strides in the professional real estate industry. As a Marketing and Operations Manager for one of the most well-known real estate firms in Washington D.C., Luke Buchanan hopes to establish himself as one of the most trusted and respected names in professional real estate.


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